Facts Sowon GFRIEND

1. Trained under DSP Media
2. Trained with DSP Trainees Chaekyung and Somin & April's Chaewon
3. Trained the longest among GFriend members
4. Auditioned for Source Music, rapped CL, G-Dragon & Teddy's 'The Leaders'
5. She was the first confirmed member of GFriend
6. Role model is SHINHWA
7. Once went to North Korea in 5th Grade
8. Dislikes Ballads & prefers anything with a good beat
9. When she was a trainee, a leg muscle ripped and she had to go to the hospital
10. During Glass Bead promotions, she had an eye problem and had to get surgery

11. Her charm point are her eyes and legs
12. Her complex is that she's too thin
13. Her roomate in the dorm is Yerin
14. Along with SinB, she's the member who learns the choreography fastest
15. Interested in joining We Got Married
16. She wants to act as a villain
17. Sowon's legs alone are 105 cm
18. Her mother's name is Kim Hyo Joo
19. Ideal type: Men that don't look at other girls, understanding & is helpful
20. Ideal man: Park Hae-jin
21. She wants to get married at 30 years old
22. Childhood dream: singer
23. She doesn't mind age difference in relationship
49kg was her skinniest weight

Pictures: IG @sowonation